Your CryptoKitties Toolbox

CKBox is a free Chrome extension, helping you to get your kitties out of the box.

Most of the time it makes use of the data already available on CryptoKitties website, adding some functionality.

To load additional data, simply push the extension button on Chrome toolbar.

Search and profile listings
  • gene data
  • cattributes overlay with additional info
  • family jewels
  • fancy rank
  • cooldown time
  • number of kids
  • kitty name & link to owner account
  • auction price direction & future prices
  • best offer info
  • OpenSea offer indicator
  • fancy material badges
  • community info badges
  • offspring trait probability calculations
Individual kitty pages
  • gene data
  • history
  • community info
  • integration with CryptoGoods
  • mewt rank numbers
  • offer bidder/expiration info tooltip
  • link to odds (breeding calculator)
  • kids/parents ids & link to owner account
  • kids sorted by id
Profile page, Special Cats, Codex
  • link to Etherscan
  • link to OpenSea account
  • fancy stats on Special Cats page
  • gem count on Codex page
  • play memory game with kitties on codex/special cats pages
Breeding page
  • breeding calculator
  • Cooldown time and kitty's name visible in breeding page
Cattributes page
  • cattribute tree
  • cattribute statistics
  • downloadable cattribute stats
Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

The extension is β and the future is meow...