CK Box

Your CryptoKitties Toolbox

CK Box is a free Chrome extension, helping you to get some kitties out of the box. In passive mode it makes use of the data already available on CryptoKitties website, adding some functionality.

Active mode adds option to fetch full gene data and some other stuff. To use the feature, simply push the extension button on Chrome toolbar.

version 0.18
  • Offspring trait probability calculations on search and profile pages
version 0.17
  • Fixes in gem stats on codex page (purrstige traits not counted)
  • Gene display improvements
  • Later mewtations with no gems marked with number on kitty page
version 0.16
  • Fixes in breeding calculator
  • Cooldown time and kitty's name visible in breeding page
  • Fancy stats
version 0.15
  • Owner account nicknames on search pages
  • Ranking number 0-500 for prestige traits in cattributes overlay
  • Gem count in codex page
version 0.14
  • Ranking numbers on mewt badges
  • Cattribute statistics downloadable
version 0.13
  • OpenSea offer badges on search and profile
  • Cattribute statistics improvements
version 0.12
  • Integration with OpenSea
  • Cattribute statistics
version 0.11
  • Play with kitties on codex/special cats pages
version 0.10
  • Added gene combination probabilities to breeding
  • To select disabled kitties on breeding page for calculation purposes - push extension button on breeding selector page
version 0.9
  • Breeding probabilities
version 0.8
  • Kitty history
version 0.7
  • Integration with CryptoGoods
version 0.6
  • Cattribute charts
version 0.5
  • Gene data fetched on individual kitty page
  • Gen 0 hidden genes now marked if on best possible position (or better)
version 0.4
  • Gen 0-s have max possible purity highlighted for hidden traits (like H2/3 serpent, H1/2/3 savannah, also H3 otaku, etc.)
  • Dominant traits for lowest possible generation (gen 1 and above) are marked (like savannah for gen 1, manx for gen 2, etc.)
version 0.3.1
  • Changed price direction symbol to fix unicode font issues with Mac (not Mack)
version 0.3
  • Symbol showing price direction on market
  • Hover for future price (default 1 and 6 hours)
  • Options implemented
version 0.2
  • Full gene data for kitties
    (NB! usual delay is 3-5 minutes for new kitties)
  • Purebreeders highlighted
  • Fixed wrong fancy rank display on exclusives
version 0.1
  • Jewels in market/profile list
  • Cattributes popup right on kitty
  • Rarest 10 cattributes emphasized
  • Cooldown time & number of kids
  • Fancy rank and cap
  • Etherscan link on profile
  • Kitty names on market list
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The extension is β and the future is meow...